Anew Year.

Photo from Unsplash by Kelly Sikkema

Funny how some days are seemingly more important than the others,
when it’s the same 24 hours that makes every day.

Nothing has changed.
Physically, the things around me are just the same as before -
the bed, the room, the fan, the lights, the people in my life.

Somehow, the trials and tribulations of being a part of earth’s journey around the sun, gets your head spinnin.

It forces one to look back and trace the path they have taken to reach where they have now. All the highs and lows that somehow changed them for better or for worse.

I don’t know what makes new year so special?
Is it the opportunity to forgive oneself for their past mistakes
or the hope that there can be a new chapter, a new innings a start over.

But whatever it is, it gives us a moment to pause cherish and celebrate our existence — which is a pretty damn good excuse to enjoy new year!

No one knows how long they are going to be part of this journey, so why wait for that one day to celebrate that? Make mistakes, start over and enjoy your existence, just very damn day. Happy Anew year everyone!

Exploring new avenues to fail, learn and grow

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Pooja Hariharan

Pooja Hariharan

Exploring new avenues to fail, learn and grow

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