Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

I stand still, looking at the beauty of trees in the fall.

The leaves turning brown, ready to leave the comfort of the home.
Ready to fly in the direction of the wind,
even though they may end up on the ground, walked over by many.

Though it may seem like their fall was rushed and perhaps they should have stayed?

Come spring, they are ready to bloom again, with renewed spirit and strength.

I wonder to myself, if there is perhaps a thing or two we could learn from them?

Photo from Unsplash by Yousef Alfuhigi

A feeling sinks in as my flight takes off
It’s harder than I imagined.

The luggage suddenly didn’t feel so heavy
After all, I’m carrying the weight that doesn’t fit into 23kgs in my heart.
My tears get masked, Thanks to the virus.

Looking around, I seek the faces beneath the masks.
Some going home, while some away,
I think.
Some hopeful, others tearful,
I feel.
I smile at how we are alone together.

The flight takes off,
A feeling sinks in as my flight takes off.
Head in clouds, I look behind,
“perhaps leaving hurts more than staying?”
It’s not forever, I tell myself, as I close my eyes.

As the flight lands, a hopeful little voice inside me hums,
“Head in clouds, perhaps not so much”